Faux Finishes

Coral Spring Faux FinishesAdding a faux finish to a wall adds dimension, depth, and beauty to your home or commercial space that cannot be achieved with basic interior painting. Specialty finishes, textures and glazes create the convincing illusion of luxurious surfaces, intricate textures and rich materials, and can completely change the look and feel of a room.

ART WORKS offers a full compliment of faux finishes from simple two and three color techniques to more artistic and textured finishes. Our custom faux painting and decorative arts services are of the highest of quality on the market in South Florida today. Our artists have the ability to work with a variety of faux finish styles, and can provide a wealth of faux finishing ideas that are sure to impress.

Our South West Florida commercial artists have experience working with a wide range of faux finishing techniques including venetian plaster, metallic finishes, glazing, faux marble finishes, shimmer stone finishes, luster stone finishes, color washing, wood graining finishes, faux stone finishes, faux granite finishes, torn paper effects, distressed plaster, strie, gilding, faux patina, crackle finishes, and trompe l'Oeil. Whatever your style, look, mood, or color preference, we can find find a finish that enhances your home or business. Our artists can also blend objects such as electrical outlet plates and switches seamlessly into the design so as not to detract from the finish.

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    Why South West Florida Should Hire Us for Their Faux Finishes

    At ART WORKS, we provide the highest quality custom faux painting and decorative arts services on the market in South Florida today. Our faux finish painting artists have the ability to work in a variety of styles and decorative painting techniques to match whatever design you have in mind. We can also provide you with decorative painting ideas and designs that will compliment your current decor.

    We are Licensed Commercial Artists, so you can rest assured that you will receive professional quality and customer service. Whether adding an accent wall or an refurbishing an office complex, ART WORKS imbues every project with its signature style of top quality designs and finishes. From the initial design consultation to the final stroke of the brush, our expertise and years of experience guarantee a superior finish. Call us today to discuss your next faux finish painting project.

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